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Megatransmissão na Alemanha


Aparentemente uns loucos da Holanda foram ao ar na semana passada com um transmissor de 11kW e uma antena de mais de 100 metros!!! Chegaram relatos de gente que escutou a transmissão na Dinamarca e Itália (absurdo?). Dias depois as autoridades confiscaram o equipamento, que estava em solo alemão.

Não existem muitas informações em inglês e aqui vai o que recebemos:

I haven't seen any English news sources yet, but this weekend a combination of pirates in the Twente area in the Eastern Netherlands went on air as "Koning Keizer Admiraal" with a +100 meter antenna and an 11 Kw transmitter. Listener's reports came in from as far as Denmark and Italy. The transmission, intended to last over the weekend, was stopped short today by the combined Dutch and German police and Telecom authorities. Gear was confiscated and the Germans (the antenna was on German soil) laid on a provisional fine of 40,000 Euros. Apparently KKA does not intend to return. Said one of the participants, "It's nice to be on air but this is just too much money." It seems tonight there'll be a party on the radio's terrain nonetheless and perhaps to raise money towards the fine.

Lots of links to news and photographs in Dutch at
http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2004/12/23779.shtml .

Some sort of webcast continues but it's unclear if it's the same people,
check out
for some real awful Dutch traditional music :-P


P. (mensagem recebida de zaza <zazaza @ xs4all.nl>)